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The Tools

Using Embarcadero's rapid application development tools allows us to produce programs at an affordable price. We use cutting edge DataSnap to transport data between Application tiers. This way the system is database independent beyond the application server, and is stateless.

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The Database

We can write to any database, both local ISAM and Client-Server, provided a Borland DBExpress or BDE driver exists

Our choice of database is Faircom Server as its reliability is legendary and we know of no other database which allows you to read and write via both SQL and server based ISAM within the one application. Both Attaché and MYOB use products from Faircom in their database structure. Faircom Server is supported on close to 30 different operating systems

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he Model

Typically we would revolve around a concept of Business Entities, People, Places, “Goods and Services” and Operations. This is a somewhat different approach to the traditional Customers and Suppliers with their independent support files and the duplication and other issues built in to this approach. We like to do all possible validation at the time of completing each field to avoid frustrating users by failing their entry on completion of the process

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Screen shots

Typical Business Entity

Features: Business Entity may be any combination of Sales Prospect, Customer, Supplier, Related Entity or Other. Look up validation can be any mix of “cached in-memory” tables or real time queries. Form may have as many detail pages as required such as Credit Management, Communications, Sales Info, Purchase Info and Transaction History

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Typical Transaction Entry

Features: Bottom half of form is a page control which can switch pages to display various information as required. Page normally changes with form type (Purchase Order, Invoice etc)

Note that as many transaction forms of any type may be layered over the top of each other in any state of completion

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Typical Transaction Grid

Features: Grid lies on a dynamic frame and is created differently for each form type. There can be any number of available line configurations, and any line configuration can have an enlarged (half screen) zoom view showing extra detail. Once again, all validation possible is carried out when leaving a field to avoid having to reject the entire document on completion

Note the available document delivery systems on this installation capitalise on Novell GroupWise for email and Tobit Faxware fax server

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Typical Menu and Main Form

Features: Note the “Open Forms” button. This shows all open forms, and is useful in peak periods when an operator may have several incomplete transactions on the go simultaneously

We like to consume all available screen real estate to allow forms to be easily read, even by sight impaired people. Forms, pop-ups and lookup screens all resize with the screen resolution

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