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Viruses and spam (junk mail) can seriously disrupt your business. Prevention of viruses and spam is an essential part of your e-security plan

Enter GWAVA (GroupWise AntiVirus Agent), the first NLM based mail scanner designed specifically for GroupWise

GWAVA scans inbound and outbound mail at the MTA (Message Transfer Agent) level, so it can intercept problem messages before they reach your users or the outside world

GWAVA can also run POA (Post Office Agent) scans. This means that users are also protected from virus infection internally

GWAVA allows messages to be archived for compliance auditing, address blocking allows you to keep confidential information from reaching your competitors, and your email usage policies can be enforced

GWAVA Features include:
- Virus Scanning (enables NetShield to scan email attachments for viruses)
- File Fingerprinting (recognises file types even if they are renamed, eg if a user changes FILE.MPG to FILE.TXT it will still be blocked)
- Attachment Blocking (stops mail that contains possibly offensive or sensitive material as attachments)
- Anti Spam Engine (stops annoying junkmail)
- Realtime Blackhole List lookup (RBL's contain email addresses of known spammers)
- Content Filtering (stops mail that contains possibly offensive content or sensitive information)
- Attachment Size Restrictions (saves bandwidth by blocking mail with large attachments)
- Powerful reporting

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